As kids we aren´t aware about the importance of making the right decisions, but all these choices lead us, step by step, to our fate, to our dreams... and one of them is how to dress, of course!



Director, writer, editor: Miguel Ángel Font Bisier


Producer: Miguel Ángel Font Bisier Maá / Manuela de Juan


Associate producer: Llumm Studios


1st assistant & postproduction: Nicolás Castelló


DOP/Camera operator: Víctor Entrecanales


Focus puller & Camera assistant: Fermín Armendia


Hair & make-up department: Arthica


Stylism: Tiendas Papos


Color: Carlos Corresa


3D artist: Charli Soler


Music: Isabel Latorre


Sound: The Last Monkey


Sound designer: Jorge Flor


Foley artist: Leticia Argudo


ADR recordist: Jorge Flor


Additional voices: Adrián Carr, Tania Alamar


Still photography & making of: Claudia Marconell, Javier Tatay







Aroa Renau

África Kotoka

Diego Cebrián

Nayade Carretero

Alejandro Botija






With Ángel de Miguel & Tania Martínez



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